Cleveland Creative Photo Shoot for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs | 1.26.19

On January 26 I hosted my second Cleveland creative photo shoot for bloggers and entrepreneurs (see photos from the first event here) and with the help of Brittney Moffatt from According to Brittney, it was a huge success! We had eight beautiful bloggers and entrepreneurs join us at a glamorous studio close to downtown Cleveland, as well as a few additional bloggers and entrepreneurs that came by just to network and mingle.

Although many of the pictures were taken in the same spots, they came out so differently for each gal and I really think their personalities come through in these images. Each woman was so unique and had different passions. I love taking portraits, but what I love even more about these shoots is the connections I make with my clients and truly getting to know them and their passions.

Tara Jefferson from The Renaissance Suite, LLC looking in the mirror at her self smiling as she reads an affirmation.Tara Jefferson | The Self Care Suite

Kathy Cruz | The Savvy Shopkeeper

Srebrenica Lejla | The Lively Creative

Karen Malone Wright | The Not Mom

Katie Jo Swindle | Your Pal, KJ

Jessica Story sitting on a blue velvet coach with a white faux fur pillowJessica Story | Peace Be Still Collection

Denay Stroy | Denay Drops Jewels

Cindy May | Boss C Finance

Brittney Moffatt from According to Brittney looking out window in black and whiteBrittney Moffatt | According to Brittney

I am so beyond excited with how great this event turned out and the connections I made. Aren’t all of these women beautiful?!

With that, I am excited to announce my new Facebook group where I will be working on putting more events like this together. I have some cool places scouted out and I will be looking for feedback on what all you want to get from these events. I think these shoots will be the perfect opportunity to make content for your blogs/websites and social media outlets. Let me know in the comments below what you think!

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