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frequently asekd questions

While it's true that DIY phone photos and stock photography are options, investing in professional brand photography ensures that your images are uniquely tailored to your business and effectively convey your brand's professionalism and personality. Professional brand photos can set you apart from competitors, establish credibility, and strengthen your brand identity, ultimately leading to increased visibility and engagement with your dreamy clients.

Brand or commercial photography commands a higher price because it's tailored for businesses and includes non-exclusive commercial rights for image usage. Unlike other personal photography experiences, brand photography requires expertise in branding, marketing, and visual storytelling to effectively convey a business's message. The cost reflects not only the photographer's time and experience but also the value of using the images for advertising, marketing materials, and online content. You're not just paying for photos; you're investing in the success and identity of your business.

Absolutely! I’m all about capturing dynamic and engaging imagery that truly reflects your brand's energy and personality. During the planning process, we'll collaborate to identify the perfect mix of action shots tailored to your specific business and brand aesthetic. Whether you're a busy entrepreneur working at your desk, a coach wanting to showcase a mock session with a client, or a makeup artist eager to demonstrate your skills, we'll work together to craft compelling narratives and scenarios that bring your brand to life. My goal is to tell a visual story that not only captivates your audience but also authentically represents who you are and what you do. Let's brainstorm and bring your brand's story to life through exciting action shots!

It all starts with my strategic branding questionnaire. From there, I will evaluate your answers and take a look at your website and social channels to complete a visual opportunity analysis. These two items will be the guide for planning your session. Things to plan include your goals, content you share, outfit ideas, props, etc. If you're working with a brand or web designer, we'll include them in our strategy session too.

Because each of my clients have different brand aesthetics, I do not have my own studio. Instead, I have partnerships with several local studios, such as Suite 226, Sixth City Studio, or other hourly rental locations. Additionally, we can utilize platforms like Peerspace and Home Studio List to explore more options tailored to your shoot's needs. If you prefer a more personal setting, I’m also open to shooting at your home if it aligns with the vibe of your session. My goal is to create a space that best reflects your brand identity and vision.

Your session fee comes with a non-exclusive commercial usage license allowing you permission to use the photos for your business, such as on your website or social media outlets. Any magazines, publications, or other brands/organizations interested in using your images should be referred to me to purchase a license.

I use a protected online gallery for which you will be able to view and download your images.

No problem! Any images you want, beyond what is already included in your package, is available to purchase at an additional rate.

I recommend at least 6 weeks in advance of your targeted shoot date. This is to give us time to plan your session and secure any locations that may require a reservation or permits.

I am committed to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, or background.

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